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In response to popular demand in 2010, Ranch-Way Feeds installed a completely new organic feed milling system in order to manufacture certified organic feed called “Easy Feed.” Organic Feed Certification was received by the USDA and its National Organic Program (NOP) and by the State of Colorado’s Department of Agriculture.

The “Easy Feed” certified organic lineup includes: cattle, horse, swine, goats, chicken and turkey feed as well as an all-stock feed. Also available is an organic all-stock mineral for livestock on forage-based diets.

And now there’s poultry feed in pellets or crumbles! That’s been hard to ‘lay’ your hands on up until now – so Ranch-Way is a terrific source for a pelleted poultry feed that is certified organic. Layer feed in both 16% and 20% protein is now available in pellets. And chick starter and chick grower are now available in crumbles.

Ranch-Way has installed a precision milling system for organic feed and gone through a rigorous inspection process to meet the USDA’s requirements to qualify as “certified organic.” Detailed records must be maintained to ensure purity and the Easy Feed Certified Organic may not be comingled in any way with our other feed. 

The certified organic feed ingredients and all feed mill processes are inspected annually by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to verify organic authenticity to our customers. 

Further, we have voluntarily trained in the US government’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) methodology, and brought it back to the feed mill. We take a rigorous preventative approach to feed safety, seeking to mitigate any risks in the production of animal feed. HACCP is meant for the prevention of contamination in processing food for humans, but we have adapted it purposefully for keeping our animal feed production as safe as it can possibly be. 

It’s good to know that our certified organic feed is widely available through a dealer network that covers much of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Call for a dealer near you at 800-333-7929. Distributor inquiries invited.

These organic feeds are also available in the Ranch-Way Feeds retail store at 546 Willow Street in Fort Collins, CO, 970-482-1663 and at The Feed Bin at 1202 W Alameda in Santa Fe, NM, 505-982-0511.

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