Organic Feed

Ranch-Way's “Easy Feed" is a certified organic manufactured locally, right here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Only the highest certification would do from the USDA and its National Organic Program (NOP) and by the State of Colorado’s Department of Agriculture. There is something for everyone in the Easy Feed line including cattle, horse, swine, goats, chicken and turkey feed as well as an all-stock feed. Also available is an organic all-stock mineral for livestock on forage-based diets. And now there’s poultry feed in pellets or crumbles!

We take our Organic feed very seriously! The certified organic feed ingredients and all feed mill processes are inspected annually by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to verify organic authenticity to our customers. Further, we have voluntarily trained in the US government’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) methodology, and brought it back to the feed mill. HACCP is meant for the prevention of contamination in processing food for humans, but we have adapted it purposefully for keeping our animal feed production as safe as it can possibly be.

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