Ranch-Way Feeds

X2740GP X2740FP

1 ton minimum on 1/2 inch wafers


All-Stock Forage Extender is forage-based pellet or wafer nutritionally equivalent to the protein and energy value of good-quality grass (or grass-alfalfa mixed hay).  Made with soyhulls, wheat middlings, beet pulp, and dehydrated alfalfa, this forage-based pellet is designed for all classes of horses and livestock to help extend the pasture or hay in the diet.   Vitamin A has been added to help offset the Vitamin A deficiency common in drought-stricken forages or forages that have been stored for long periods. 

Available in 1/2” wafers or 3/8” pellets for pasture or bunk feeding scenarios.


Feed as a supplement to pasture or hay at the rate of 2 to 6 lbs per head per day.  This is not a complete feed, offer in addition to hay or pasture and access to a Ranch-O-Min free-choice mineral.  The All-Stock Forage Extender is intended to “stretch” the use of long-stem forage, and is not designed to be a total replacement of it.  Therefore, insure that horses and livestock get no less than 50% of their diet in long-stem roughage for healthy gut function.  Always offer free-choice access to plain white salt and fresh, clean water.


Store feed in a clean environment free of moisture, rodents, insects, and other pests.  Do not feed moldy or repugnant feed. 

FP 3

  • Crude Protein, min12.0 %
  • Crude Fat, min2 %
  • Crude Fiber, max22-23 %
  • Calcium, min1.4 %
  • Calcium, max1.9 %
  • Phosphorus, min0.2-0.4 %
  • Potassium, min1.39-1.4 %
  • Magnesium, min0.2 %
  • Zinc, min45 ppm
  • Vitamin A, min10,000 IU/lb

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