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Ranch-O-Min 1:1 Performance Mineral Tub w/ Availa is designed for convenience.  This is a vitamin and mineral supplement that is inspired by our, “Gold Standard” mineral, our Ranch-O-Min 12-12-12 Mineral with Copper, only in a larger 200 lb package.  This is a complete mineral with a 1:1 Calcium to Phosphorus ratio, designed to meet or exceed the trace mineral requirements of beef cattle and horses maintained on pasture.  This mineral tub can be fed through-out the year, however is most ideal as a mineral supplement on dormant or drought-stressed pasture (late summer, fall, and winter months). 

Features and Benefits:

  • Availa-4® brand of organic trace minerals (“chelated” Cu, Zn, Mn, and Co) bound to an amino acid complex to protect against mineral antagonism, improve mineral absorption, and further support immune function. 

Available in 200 lb Tub.


Feed Ranch-O-Min 1:1 Performance Mineral Tub w/ Availa free-choice to cattle on pasture.  Feed continuously as mineral supplement at the rate of one container for every 15 to 20 head, with a minimum of two containers in each lot or pasture to ensure proper accessibility. Average consumption should be 0.25 lb per head per day and should not exceed 0.37 lb per head per day so that intake of selenium does not exceed the legal maximum of 3 mg. Make sure animals are not starved for salt or minerals prior to introducing tubs.  It is critical that animals have adequate pasture or forage available to meet their energy needs (as a rule of thumb, young calves require ~2.0% of their BW per day in dry-matter intake for maintenance and to pacify hunger).  Provide free-choice access to plain white salt prior to and during feeding tubs.  Always provide clean, fresh water. 

If  consumption is low, increase the number of tubs per pasture and place containers near loafing areas and water source.  Consumption can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the number of containers available to livestock.  If consumption is high, decrease the number of tubs per pasture and spread containers out over a wider area.  Consumption will depend on the size and age of animals fed, and will vary with the type and quality of forage available; if livestock have access to an adequate supply of forage they are not likely to over consume this product.  Livestock maintained in a dry-lot or paddock scenario and/or that have limited access to forage will over-consume this product out of boredom or hunger; this is typically an indication that additional grain or roughage should be provided and that cattle may need to be transitioned off of tubs to a TMR.  Target intake is consistent and reliable when fed in accordance with these feeding directions.


Consumption of this product by sheep and goats may result in copper toxicity.

Store product in a clean environment free of moisture, rodents, insects, and other pests.  Do not feed moldy or repugnant feed.  This product has been formulated specifically for cattle and is not intended for other species.



  • Calcium, min8.25 %
  • Calcium, max10.0 %
  • Phosphorus, min8.25 %
  • Salt, min5.0 %
  • Salt, max5.5 %
  • Potassium, min1.0 %
  • Magnesium, min1.0 %
  • Zinc, min7,500 ppm
  • Chelated Zinc, min1,875 ppm
  • Manganese, min5,000 ppm
  • Chelated Manganese, min1,250 ppm
  • Copper, min2,500 ppm
  • Chelated Copper, min625 ppm
  • Selenium, min18 ppm
  • Cobalt, min18 ppm
  • Iodine, min70 ppm
  • Vitamin A, min200,000 IU/lb
  • Vitamin D, min20,000 IU/lb
  • Vitamin E, min50 IU/lb

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