Over 60 Years of Feed Experience Make Ranch-Way Your Sustaining Partner

As the oldest continuously running business in Fort Collins, Colorado, our decades of experience with Western feed are unparalleled in the agricultural industry. Combine that with our vast knowledge of ingredients, state-of-the art manufacturing processes, and extensive dealer network, and you’ll be hard pressed to make a better choice than Ranch-Way Feeds.

Ranch-Way Feeds is a privately held company committed to providing customers with the highest quality animal feed products. We supply feed to more than 180 independent retail outlets and through direct sales to producers.

We manufacture custom rations to meet the nutritional requirements of livestock, equine, poultry, swine, and more. Even fish and birds enjoy Ranch-Way products, specifically formulated for their unique nutritional needs.

Quality ingredients, balanced rations, and formulations – all these criteria ensure that the feeds from Ranch-Way are top-performing components of the everyday care and feeding of livestock and pets.

The result? A fortification that’s unparalleled.

How can you be sure that your animals are getting the right amount of minerals and vitamins and are eating quality nutrition regularly?

You set the feeding schedule – we’ll supply the complete feeds and supplements.
It’s as simple as that.

Ranch-Way is a locally owned and operated business producing over 60,000 tons of feed annually. Members of the same family have been in the business for over 40 years.

Ranch-Way’s 142 year-old feed mill sits in the center of historic downtown Fort Collins. Rather than high rises, our white grain-tower is the small city’s true landmark – the subject of many paintings and photographs. There is a well stocked retail outlet at our Fort Collins feed mill as well.

Animal Feed. It’s Your Most Important Decision.

Your decision about your feed supplier is arguably the most critical decision you will make regarding your animals. It’s the one factor that is certain to affect how an animal appears and ultimately thrives.

Quality feed is what Ranch-Way Feeds has been creating for decades in Fort Collins, Colorado--land of 300 days of sunshine, high mountains and the untamed Cache la Poudre River.  Naturally, a clean-scrubbed Rocky Mountain town like Fort Collins would be the place where Ranch-Way Feeds products  are manufactured.  In the process, we have become the leading regional feed supplier throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Ranch-Way Feeds is the oldest continuously operating business in Fort Collins.  Flour milling began on this site in 1868.  Feed milling began in 1948. Today we manufacture a full-line of nutritional products including blocks, pellets, granules, grain mixes, and bird seed.

Tailor-Made for Western Feeding

Ranch-Way Feeds provides feed to feed stores, ranches, feedlots, dairies, horse barns, kennels, game bird farms, buffalo ranches, 4-H and FFA members, animal nutrition research at Colorado State University, the Division of Wildlife, the Denver Zoo and more.

We have a full-time PhD Animal Nutritionist on staff and a Professional Animal Scientist-Certified Technical Services department able to consult, design custom diets, and formulate rations for all classes of commercial livestock, horses, farm animals, show livestock, and avian species. 

We formulate and manufacture feed according to research-based National Research Council (NRC) guidelines to meet the nutritional requirements of each species.  It is Ranch-Way’s goal to manufacture every feed order quickly and efficiently, while providing customers with a product that is safe, clean, consistent in appearance, and carefully formulated and manufactured. 

Quality control is the job of everyone involved in designing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivering Ranch-Way Feeds. Feed safety is a primary concern. We have a hard-earned Facility Certification Institute* (FCI) certification and are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points** (HACCP)-enrolled.  Throughout our modernized plant, state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging processes are in place. Comco controls are used to monitor the automated batching, pelleting, and packaging systems in the feed mill to comply with feed-safety procedures.

Choosing the Right Full Line Feed

Today, we manufacture a full-line of nutritional products for a wide range of livestock, domestic, wild, and zoo animals. Quality ingredients lead to quality products. Ranch-Way Feeds utilizes ingredients that exceed industry quality standards to produce truly exceptional feeds.
Quality products, customer service, and regional presence are the core of Ranch-Way Feeds. We are committed to maintaining this position as a leader in the animal feed industry for the Rocky Mountain region.

Our customers reflect our successful approach – they range from the largest cattle ranches to the hobby farmers. Ask them about Ranch-Way Feeds or read our testimonials below.

Chuck Alexander of Granby, CO, has been purchasing range cake at Ranch-Way Feeds in Fort Collins since 1980 for his commercial Angus business. Chuck feels Ranch-Way has a very clean, consistent product and drives an extra 70 miles to buy from Ranch-Way.

Mike and Ericka Maxwell from Red Feather Lakes, CO are the second generation in a cow-calf operation that has been in business since 1964 which began with Stuart Maxwell. Thirty miles west of Highway 287, the Maxwells buy cake and calf creep from Ranch-Way as the convenience, consistent quality and great service keep these customers coming.

Hannah and Robert Striegel have owned Frontier Feeds in Canon City, CO since 1987. As Ranch-Way Feed Dealers, the enjoy dealing with a great, local Colorado business and the knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Ranch-Way Feeds is located on the banks of the Poudre River in downtown Fort Collins, CO. Milling has taken place on the Ranch-Way site since 1868, making it Fort Collins’ “oldest industry.” In 1948, the mill was converted into a feed plant.

Originally the Lindell Mill processed local wheat into flour which was sold under several names including Defiance, Jack Frost, Snow Trader, Snowflake and Pride of Colorado. Water from the Poudre River was diverted to the mill for energy and power. In 1885, the Colorado Milling and Elevator Company acquired the mill and began operating as the Fort Collins Flour Mills. By 1919, electric motors replaced waterpower as flour production continued into the 1940’s.

Flour milling was discontinued at this site in 1948, and replaced with the manufacturing of livestock feed. Ranch-Way Feeds has been locally owned and operated since 1968 focusing on bulk commercial feed, wholesale bagged feed, and specialty products.

Many modifications have been made to the historic mill to ensure that Ranch-Way Feeds continues to be a major supplier to the agriculture industry. A state of the art computerized batching system, two adaptable pellet mills, a high-tech mixer, an efficient blocking facility and a computerized packaging and palletizing machine make Ranch-Way Feeds a modern leader in the animal feed industry. Ranch-Way Feeds is active in the Fort Collins community, supporting youth 4-H programs, and sponsoring the Larimer County Fair.

Our staff

Ranch-Way staff members are knowledgeable and sincere. We select for those two qualities in particular! They are committed to giving customers the best possible service and the top products we can possibly produce. The environment at Ranch-Way is pro-agriculture, pro-animal and pro-people! It’s a fun place to be.

Here are some of the key personnel we employ:
Animal Scientist-Certified Technical Services Department
This group is able to consult, design custom diets, and formulate rations for all classes of commercial livestock, horses, farm animals, show livestock and avian species.

Ranch-Way Feeds is committed to providing the highest quality and safest feed possible.  We are also committed to supporting our community, co-workers, and their families.  Ranch-Way Feeds has long been recognized as a major supplier of high-quality feed products in the Rocky Mountain Region.  It is Ranch-Way’s goal to manufacture every feed order quickly and efficiently, while providing customers with a product that is safe, clean, free of fines, consistent in appearance, and a carefully formulated and manufactured.  Quality control is the job of everyone involved in designing, manufacturing, packing, and delivering Ranch-Way Feeds.  Ranch-Way’s manufacturing facilities are FCI certified, HACCP and Safe Feed/Safe Food approved, USDA Organic Certified to process organic feeds, and follow FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

*The Facility Certification Institute (FCI) is an internationally respected and recognized third party certification provider. FCI was created by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) to provide non-biased, third party certification programs and ensure the continued safety of feed and food products.

**The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is an FDA management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement, and handling, to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of the finished product.