Superior Feed Begins and Ends with Ranch-Way Feeds

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find another feed manufacturer that can measure up to the following four feed quality standards. Ranch-Way Feeds does. Every day. On every production run and in every bag. We’ll provide your animals with the right feed and the right program. Ranch-Way Feeds is a smart decision.

1. Science-Based, Experience-Guided Nutritional Philosophy

The proper feed program starts with a deep and tutored understanding of animal nutrition. Ranch-Way Feeds formulates and manufactures all its products according to the NRC guidelines on nutritional requirements. We employ a full-time PhD in animal nutrition who custom designs diets and rations for all types of animals. Our Technical Services staff is Professional Animal Scientist-certified through the American Registry of Animal Scientists. These experts are exceptionally qualified to formulate rations for all classes of commercial livestock, horses, farm animals, and avian species.

2. Top Quality Feed Ingredients

Ranch-Way provides customers with a product that is safe, clean, consistent in appearance, and rigorously formulated and manufactured. We test all incoming grains for mycotoxins in-house before they are used in any feeds. We never use restricted proteins in our mixes and are vigilant about the safety of our formulations. Hundreds of different, high-quality ingredients are available to go into our formulations.

Nutritional enhancements available include:

  • Probiotics from yeast and bacterial sources to support digestive efficiency
  • Chelated trace minerals that are designed to closely match the naturally-complex trace elements in forages and grains
  • Yucca to reduce waste ammonia
  • Biotin to protect sensitive tissue, improve the rate of wound-healing and strengthen bone
  • Yeast to support fiber digestion and absorb calcium
  • Molasses to improve palatability

3. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Process

Quality control is the job of everyone involved in designing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivering Ranch-Way feeds. Throughout our modern plant, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and packaging processes are in place. World-class Comco controls are used to monitor the automated batching, pelleting, and packaging systems in the feed mill to comply with feed-safety procedures. We have a hard-earned FCI certification and are HACCP-enrolled.

Ranch-Way's feed shelf-life guide! (PDF)
Julian Calendar (PDF)

4. Full Line of Feed Products

Ranch-Way produces feed for Alpacas to Zebras…. and everything in between. Our product range includes a full line of nutritional products such as blocks, pellets, granules, grain mixes and bird seed. Superior custom mixing services are also available. With the support of our expert nutritionists, Ranch-Way Feeds can customize a diet for virtually any species

Ranch-Way has installed a new organic feed milling system in order to manufacture our “Easy Feed” line of Organic animal feeds.  Organic Feed Certification was granted by the USDA and the State of Colorado.

The “Easy Feed” lineup includes Organic Cattle Feed, Organic Horse Feed, Organic Swine Feed, Organic Chicken Feed, Organic Turkey Feed and Organic All Stock Grain Mix. Also available is Organic Beef Mineral, Organic Horse Supplement, Organic All Stock Mineral.

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